Have you been trying to get rid of fat from the belly, inner thigh, upper arm, behind the legs?

Well, you are not alone, millions of Americans have excess fat in these areas. They are especially hard to get rid of as they are made up of brown adipose tissue, you could literally work hard in the gym for weeks to months and still be unable to get rid of it.

Thankfully, we have a new technology to do this, it’s called EmSculpt NEO!

It works with RF and HIFEM to break down abdominal wall fat and increase muscle. At Alliance MD Orlando, we provide a free consultation where we learn about your goals, then take body measurements and recommend an appropriate treatment for you.

The treatment takes place over 30 minutes and we get you back to looking taut and toned!

Take a step back to the future and remove that old body fat today and get back to looking slim, fit, beautiful, or handsome!

Schedule your free consultation by clicking this link https://www.alliancemdorlando.com/orlando-emsculpt-for-women/ and get back to looking and feeling toned.

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