Are you searching online for “incontinence care”, “stress incontinence treatment”, “urge incontinence treatment”, “incontinence product”, “incontinence treatment near me”, or “EMSELLA”? Oregon Health DPC has exactly what you’re looking for! Our direct primary care practice is proud to serve both men and women in Oregon with the revolutionary non-invasive incontinence treatment BTL EMSELLA™, which strengthens patients’ pelvic floors, providing them with better bladder control and greater overall quality of life.

Additionally, we understand the importance of having access to quality care for a sensible price and are pleased to share that our incontinence treatment services are available to members and non-members of our DPC.

You can contact us at 503-506-8500 or continue reading the information provided below to learn more about how our non-intrusive empowering BTL EMSELLA™ services can help you regain your freedom lost due to involuntary bladder control issues!

What is BTL EMSELLA™ and How Does it Work?

BTL EMSELLA™ is a non-invasive and painless incontinence treatment that strengthens the patient’s pelvic floor better than any alternative methods available – with no recovery time! Using HITM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology, BTL EMSELLA™ strengthens the pelvic floor and enhances the patient’s bladder control.

During a visit for this completely painless procedure, patients are fully clothed and will be scheduled for a 28-30 minute session. Because of the familiar “chair-like” design of the BTL EMSELLA™, the patient simply sits down on BTL EMSELLA™ like they would on any other chair to begin treatment. Then, thousands of HITM waves will begin emanating from the device to the patient’s pelvic floor only causing, if anything, a mild discomfort. In response, the pelvic muscles will begin to contract, providing results as if the patient had done 1,000 kegels in only one session!

After discussing their recommended treatment plan with our trusted staff, the patient can go about their day with no adjustments to their already established plans when the appointment ends. BTL EMSELLA™ is FDA approved and has been found to have increased the overall quality of life in 95% of patients by liberating them from pad usage, providing longer uninterrupted sleep, and allowing them the freedom of living their daily lives without having to worry about involuntary bladder leakage.

We understand that incontinence is a common problem impacting the day-to-day life of millions due to natural aging, childbirth, and menopause. Although BTL EMSELLA™ is not a permanent solution, our patients are able to see immediate results and are provided with reasonable pricing that makes treatment both available and convenient! At Oregon Health DPC, we invite you to experience care from Dr. Yusuf Mathai, a physician who keeps your best interest in mind at all times and persistently works to improve your overall quality of life.

What is a DPC? Why Trust Oregon Health DPC with Your Incontinence Care?

Traditional health care models can leave many patients confused, frustrated, and at times helpless. A DPC (direct primary care) is a flexible, more accessible alternative to this healthcare style. At our DPC, patients are provided with exceptional medical care at reasonable prices with alternative payment methods which give more flexibility for those uninsured. Also, we give our patients the option of becoming a member at Oregon Health DPC to receive same-day, next-day, longer, and more personalized appointments for a small monthly fee with direct access to experienced and caring healthcare physician Dr. Yusuf Mathai.

The use of direct primary care takes out the middleman and rigid policies of the past that prevent many from receiving the treatment they deserve. Oregon Health DPC was made with the belief that anyone should be able to have access to professional high quality health care services, and we take the health concerns of our patients seriously. Members and non-members alike are able to receive care at our clinic with the knowledge that their unique treatment needs are being held in high regard without worry of additional hidden costs.

We began providing BTL EMSELLA™ because we recognized the need for a new alternative method in incontinence care to help those affected improve their quality of life and regain self-esteem! Both members and non-members are able to receive this groundbreaking treatment administered by our experienced and dedicated team of healthcare professionals. We encourage you to try our incomparable health care services with inexpensive pricing and treatment that has your long term health and happiness in mind.

Contact us to Learn More About Incontinence Care at Oregon Health DPC

We look forward to discussing more with you about our use of BTL EMSELLA™ for urinary incontinence treatment and can create a comprehensive personalized treatment plan that is perfect for you! You can contact us using the form below or call 503-506-8500 to begin your health care experience at Oregon Health DPC, where we are proud to provide members and non-members with the professional, efficient, and affordable health care that they deserve!


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