Reason why you should get Direct Primary Care in Tualatin

Direct Primary Care in Tualatin

Many people are affected by COVID-19 in several ways, and some of the most common things we often hear are people losing their jobs or they are putting off their healthcare because they are avoiding doctor appointments. Now, more than ever, patients are turning to Direct Primary Care in Tualatin to meet their healthcare needs. Here are some of the reasons why:

 Direct Primary Care in Tualatin


Whether or not you have health insurance, Direct Primary Care in Tualatin is a cost-effective option. The low-cost monthly membership fee includes all visits in our office with no co-pays, call/text/video chat with your physician. In addition, for most procedures we can do in the office the cost is included and our patients have access to low-cost labs. Many patients’ deductibles continue to climb year after year, so they find it more reasonable to save health insurance for bigger things such as hospitalizations, surgery, and specialist care and utilize direct primary care for their primary care requirements. Direct primary care is a valuable asset for those who can’t get health insurance. In addition to the costs savings of the services performed in our office, we are cost-conscious and can help you while you shop for the best prices for services outside of our office. Healthcare costs have become so hectic and we feel that it is part of our job to explain it to you. 


As we have a smaller patient panel than many doctor offices, we can check for the patients for the same or next business day appointments, so you’ll be having an appointment with the doctor that knows you and your medical history. We schedule our appointments in a way so that there is no rush and you don’t have to wait in the waiting rooms. 


Your physician for Direct Primary Care in Tualatin will be available to you by phone/text/video chats so that you can talk to them whenever you need. If you have a concern you can directly discuss it with the expert over the phone. Some clinic also offers telemedicine visits so that you can receive care for most things with comfort at home. 

Personalized Care

Go for the clinic that has a small patient panel size. They will offer personalized care. No appointments rush so that you can freely discuss your concerns and get answers to your questions. Direct Primary Care in Tualatin takes a holistic approach to medicine and discusses various aspects of a patient’s life that affect their patients’ health. 

Even works for small businesses

The economic impact of the pandemic COVID-19 has made it hard for businesses to offer affordable health care for their employees. Direct Primary Care in Tualatin is an affordable way for employers to provide primary care to their employees. DPC improves employee satisfaction, retention, and health while lowering overall costs. 

Choose Oregon Health Vitality for DPC

Oregon Health Vitality clinic helps to overcome frustrations with regular fee-for-practice services. Instead of being burdened with an insurance middleman dictating treatments, direct primary care in Tualatin helps the patients to decide the best visit schedule and treatment plan that suits their requirements. 

Let our expert show you the benefits of direct primary care Tualatin! Contact Oregon Health Vitality to find out more. 

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