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Are you searching the internet for “body sculpting near me”, “body sculpting cost”, “fat sculpting”, “body sculpting procedures”, “Portland body contouring” or “body sculpting in Portland”? Oregon Health DPC has your answers! We are proud to offer EmSculpt body sculpting for both men and women.

Additionally, we provide EmSculpt treatments to both members and non-members of our DPC, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about how we can help, whether you’re looking at body contouring services exclusively or considering primary care also.

You can call us now at 503-506-8500 or continue reading to get more information on EmSculpt body sculpting procedures in Portland, OR from Oregon Health DPC. After confirming that this treatment is a good match for your needs, we can’t wait to help you feel happier with how you look by building a stronger, toned body with this safe, powerful and revolutionary technology.

What is Electromagnetic Body Contouring and How Does it Work?

Body sculpting is a medical procedure that is done by a trained professional, yet it works to naturally trigger the body’s ability to get rid of fat and strengthen muscle areas such as those in the abdomen, arms, calves, thighs and buttocks.

Although body sculpting involves a number of procedures with your doctor, it is not a type of surgery and there are no incisions, injections, medications or invasive measures. At each appointment you lie down while the EmSculpt machine utilizes a powerful, high-intensity electromagnetic energy which consistently delivers strong muscle contractions throughout the area(s) of focus. These contractions occur thousands of times in just half an hour, essentially similar to the workout you would experience at a gym but at a vastly higher rate than you would be able to do on your own yourself.

EmSculpt body sculpting is painless. You will feel an intense sensation similar to a hot stone massage on the targeted locations. Then, on days following the treatment, your body will react similarly to a high-powered workout the day before, since that is what it has effectively experienced.

Rather than simply reducing the appearance of fat, this FDA-approved method of body sculpting actively tones muscles and eliminates fat cells to help you authentically achieve a more toned body inside and out. In addition to helping you build muscle, the contractions simultaneously make your body permanently break down and eliminate a number of fat cells. It is not used for dramatic weight loss but can tone and firm areas to give you increased strength and confidence.

In order for the EmSculpt procedures to be most effective, a series of several sessions are necessary. You may begin to notice results within a few appointments.

Body contouring can allow you to build enough muscle and trim enough fat so you can get a valuable jumpstart on the right fitness routine for you. Though effective with results that last for some time after the sessions, body sculpting is not a substitute for a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Oregon Health DPC can work closely with you to identify and understand the steps you need to live your best life with improved health and happiness.

Patient-Focused Quality Healthcare in Portland from Oregon Health DPC

In everything we do, we put patients first – that’s why we’re a DPC clinic. Rather than being hindered by the government regulations, time-consuming paperwork and insurance company rules of traditional practices, DPC (direct primary care) practices focus more on delivering uncompromising compassion, care and affordability with clinical excellence for everyone, both members and non-members.

By paying a small, reasonable monthly fee, you can become a member and enjoy unlimited, extended same-day or next-day appointments with access your doctor by phone or email with prescriptions and lab fees at a discounted price and no co-pays.

At Oregon Health DPC, we proudly provide procedures like body contouring to non-members and members, so whether you’re a regular patient of ours considering this additional-cost service or a new client hoping to come to us for specifically EmSculpt treatments, you can get procedures done for reasonable rates at Oregon Health DPC by Dr. Yusef Mathai, a care provider dedicated to establishing real relationships with patients so they can get help in an environment that prioritizes what’s best for them above all.

Contact Oregon Health DPC To See If Our Portland Body Sculpting Services Are Right for You

Ready to see if EmSculpt body sculpting could be a good fit for you? Want to get more out of your healthcare? We look forward to speaking with you!

Our goal is to offer total transparency you can trust, with zero hidden charges, detailed appointments, flexible scheduling, cost effective services and all the assistance you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Submit the site callback form now or dial 503-506-8500 to reach Oregon Health DPC, your Tualatin direct primary care practice.


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