Are You Having Urinary Issues? You are Not Alone

Urinary Issues

A constant urge to urinate, being unable to hold the urine, or foul-smelling urine is your body’s way to tell you that something is not right. We may casually term it as “pee problems” but it’s not that simple. So many of us deal with these urinary issues daily but choose to remain silent about them. Trust us, these are not regular symptoms, and ignoring them is not advisable.

We, at Oregon Heath Vitalities, strive to spread awareness about these day-to-day health issues and provide solutions and diagnoses for them. If you have been suffering from urinary issues for a long time, it’s time to get checked up because each issue may mean something bigger.

Relax, we are not here to scare you because all urinary issues may not be that severe. There’s a very fine line between being scared and being aware. Staying healthy and seeking recovery is all about awareness. So, we have jotted down some most common urinary issues, their symptoms, and the reason behind their occurrence. Not only this, but we will also talk about how Oregon can assist you in dealing with them. Hop in.

Some Common Urinary Issues

Urinary issues are more common than we think. It’s just that some may identify and treat them, while others may confuse them for a regular occurrence. If you have a peeping problem, it may likely fall under the following categories. Listed below are some common urinary problems:

Urine Incontinence

This urinary complication occurs when you cannot hold back or control your urine. In many cases, this may even cause partial leakage. The reasons behind incontinence may be stress, delivery, and diabetes.

Some of its common symptoms are:

  • An overactive bladder (frequent urges to urinate)
  • Occasional leaking during cough and sneeze
  • Sudden & severe urge to urinate
  • Not being able to get to the toilet in time

Urinary Tract Infection

This urinary problem occurs due to bacterial growth in the urethra and the urinary bladder. While not all tract infections are UTIs, a proven, symptomatic UTI if left untreated can lead to kidney damage. Home remedies may not be able to cure UTIs completely. It’s advisable to consult a doctor.

Some common symptoms of UTI are:

  • A burning sensation after urinating
  • Smelly Urine
  • Blood in the urine
  • A frequent urge to urinate

Urine Retention

Retention is the opposite of incontinence. This urinary complication involves having to urinate or emptying issues. In simple words, one may not be able to urinate completely. It can be of two types – chronic and acute. While chronic retention leads to a gradual inability to empty the bladder, acute retention leads to a sudden inability to urinate.

The symptoms of urinary retention include:

  • Incomplete bladder emptying
  • Being unable to empty the bladder at all
  • Frequent urination in small amounts
  • A slow stream of urine
  • Feeling the urge to urinate even after urination

How Oregon Health Vitality Can Help You On Urinary Issues

All the above-mentioned urinary problems are curable if addressed at the right time. The risk of delaying such issues may cause bigger problems. Keep Calm. We, at Oregon Health Vitality, are dedicated to providing accessibility, convenience, and affordability to our patients. With our dedicated team of qualified doctors and health workers, we strive to remove the barriers created by government regulations and insurance companies.

With our health, therapy, and Direct Primary Care systems we wish to restore a positive and trustworthy relationship between the doctors and the patients.

If you are suffering from urinary issues, think no more, and don’t feel embarrassed. Just give Oregon a call, or schedule an appointment online. Yes, it’s that simple.       


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