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Do you feel embarrassed while exercising in public, stop yourself from bending over, or cross your legs when you feel like sneezing? If you suffer from stress urinary incontinence (SUI), it’s worth searching for a non-invasive treatment with Emsella Portland– a solution that enhances your pelvic floor with multiple 30-minute sessions.

If you want to live comfortably and avoid adult diapers, here are some reasons why you should consider Emsella.

EmSella Orlando

  1. Emsella is a non-invasive, non-surgical solution.
  2. Both women AND men can undergo Emsella.
  3. No replication of results of Emsella results home.
  4. Can keep clothes on for Emsella treatments.

1.Emsella is a non-invasive,non-surgical

Emsella Portland can help with two kinds of incontinence: stress incontinence, you will experience small leaks when you laugh, exercise, sneeze, or cough. In urge incontinence, you will have sudden urges to go to the restroom.

Every 1 in 3 women and half that many men develop urinary incontinence in their lifetime. While more serious condition requires a visit to a urologist whereas we can treat milder cases in our relaxing environment without any requirement for lab tests, embarrassing examinations, medications, or surgery. You will undergo multiple sessions as per the spaced ideal intervals for your needs.

2.Both women AND men can undergo Emsella

Most women experience some degree of SUI as they age, especially during childbirth and menopause. But it is a critical situation for men and requires Emsella Portland treatment for stress urinary incontinence that commonly affects older men. These issues also affect men after prostate cancer treatment or other treatment in the pelvic area.

Both men and women can undergo a similar treatment: you’ll be asked to sit relaxed on the Emsella chair. We will help you position your body to get effective results. During the procedure, you will feel; that your pelvic floor muscles are activated involuntarily. Some may feel a tingling sensation and most of them become used to it after a few minutes and feel relaxed throughout the treatment.

3.No replication of results of Emsella results home

Emsella Portland uses electromagnetic waves that are set precisely for deeper pelvic floor muscles. This stimulation re-educates the weak muscles and improves neuromuscular control. While it is often said that the chair performs the same number of Kegels as it stimulates muscles on a deeper level. It all activates your muscles after your exercise.

4.Can keep clothes on for Emsella treatments.

When it comes to addressing issues, we’re used to being asked to strip down and wear paper gowns. But it is not with Emsella Portland! You can wear your regular clothes to your appointments and has to simply sit on the Emsella chair to receive the treatment. Each session takes up to 30 minutes! You can relax, watch podcasts, read a book or even talk on the phone while you wait.

EmSella Orlando

Visit Oregon Health Vitality for Emsella in Portland

If you are planning non-surgical urinary incontinence treatment in Portland, we are happy to welcome you to schedule a consultation at Oregon Health VitalityHealth and Wellness. All treatments we offer are personally vetted by Dr. Tolu, Oregon Health Vitality Redefined owners, and medical aesthetic physicians offering elegant, comfortable space under their supervision. We take time to understand your goals and lifestyle so that we can suggest you the appropriate treatments. To book an appointment with Dr. Tolu, call us at (407) 606-7090 or schedule your consultation online.

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