6 things that you should expect from Emsella Portland

Emsella Portland

Urine leakage can be an embarrassing issue that can affect your confidence. At Oregon health vitality Health and Wellness, we use Emsella Portland treatment to strengthen your pelvic muscles to improve your bladder condition. If you live in Portland, Oregon, and nearby areas, come see us book an appointment.
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1. Satisfactory results

There are plenty of reasons why you may be struggling with bladder issues. If you are facing stress urinary incontinence issues, you will have leaks and accidents while laughing or coughing. It is normal to develop urinary incontinence after pregnancy. All this results in affecting the pelvic floor.

In addition, as you age and go through menopause, the muscles in the body part may change.

Emsella Portland Park is a great way to address urinary issues. During your procedure, you will sit on a machine that uses electromagnetic energy to boost the muscles. The treatments can do wonders, and patients see dramatic improvements and leaking issues after you are done with the treatment.

2. Discuss treatment

Before you schedule your treatment, you need to book an initial consultation at our office in Portland. Although, this procedure cure urinary issues caused due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. This technique doesn’t address every incontinence cause.

Discussing Your Urinary Issues

During your consultation, we will discuss your urinary issues. You should freely discuss the type of accidents and leaking issues, you are facing. We will also need to tell you about your medical background or medications if you are taking any.

Determining Your Eligibility

It will help the professional to find out whether Emsella Portland treatment will benefit you or not. You should be aware that if you have some health issues then you cannot undergo this treatment.
For instance, you cannot get this treatment if you begin to experience incontinence uses after you have undergone the radiation therapy. Further, you cannot undergo the procedure if you have implanted devices in your body like a pacemaker.

3. Non-Invasive Treatments

If you undergo Emsella Portland Park Colorado, you don’t have to be afraid. No use of anesthesia also no incision to treat your bladder. It is a completely non-invasive and painless procedure. Also, you can remain dressed during all of your appointments.

The patient sits on the Emsella machine during the treatment. Once you sit on the device, it will generate electromagnetic energy and pass to your pelvic floor muscles. During the treatment, a tingling sensation is felt like your muscles contract. Complete comfort during the treatment, you also don’t have to take any medications.

4. No Downtime

No need to apply for a long leave or adjustments in your daily routine. Once you have undergone the procedure, you can resume your office the same day or most probably the next day. You can continue with your work as the procedure involves no downtime.

5. May Require Multiple Treatments

Your bladder conditions improve even after the first sitting for Emsella treatment. It is common to undergo multiple sessions to completely cure the issue. Generally, you have to get five to six sessions for the treatment. You need gaps in between incontinence treatment sessions. It depends on the causes and severity of the issue.

Receiving Maintenance Sessions

You can attain an advantage from undergoing routine sessions. We can guide you about all these treatments in detail after you are done with an initial treatment plan.

Achieving Improvements

The procedure works very quickly, and you would be able to see improvement in your bladder even after the first session. As you continue with your treatment, your leakage, accidents and other urinary issues will decrease.

6. Improve life quality

Urinary issues affect your happiness and self-confidence. You may have fear of facing accidents or leaks that might prevent you from attending parties and social gatherings. You may plan to spend the most time at home which affects a lot of opportunities. Addressing urinary incontinence, the Emsella treatment has a great impact on your life.

Curing your bladder issues can help you boost your confidence and improve your social life. It will make you happy and better at handling new opportunities. 95% of people experienced that their life is improved after they have undergone incontinence treatment.

Schedule a Consultation with Oregon health vitality

Emsella treatment is an ideal option to strengthen your floor muscles and regain bladder control. Improving your urinary incontinence will help you remain relaxed in social events or outdoor activities. If you are interested ad wants to know more about the benefits of undergoing this treatment, contact at Oregon health vitality Health and Wellness clinic in Portland.

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